I didn't get stuck w/ a 2 year Contract...


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Jul 3, 2007

So I bought my iPhone on day one, and like most people took it back to my house and activated via iTunes. Prior to activating, I was an existing AT&Tingular customer on a family shared plan (and the contract on my number was up).

Today, I transferred out of the family shared plan and created my own account (did this all via a painful process w/ Customer Service over the phone) but to my surprise the representative said the contract on my newly created account would be up in 11 months. I don't really understand where the 11 months came from, and I didn't push the issue... anyway, I got home and registered my online AT&T account to verify that my iPhone plan was all setup correctly (and it was) and I verified that my Contract is up in May of 2008 (11 Months from today).

Am I missing something, is this standard procedure for those who were existing out-of-contract customers prior to upgrading to an iPhone? Or was this something the representative overlooked -- if that's the case, I'm sure it will get corrected by my second or third phone bill.

I thought it was interesting, and will be happy to be contract free in May if it all works out in the end.