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Jul 21, 2007
Well there I was, washing my clothes, with my iPhone sitting happily in my pocket. Then I reached over to re-adjust the load (so it wouldn't be off balance) and then I heard it...

klink, klunk klunk.

I didn't realize that my iPhone had fallen out of my shirt pocket and into the washing machine water for a whole 8 SECONDS. When it registered in my brain what had happened, I grabbed it and pulled it out of the water. WOW the screen was still working! So I hit the buttons to shut it off and the screen went white. By that time, there was enough water in it that it looked like a broken tail light with water in it... it was just rolling around in there as I moved the phone around.

I took out my sim and tried CPR (blowing through the sim card and head phone jack) to try and get the water out, but to no avail.... IT DIED IN MY ARMS! *sniff* *sniff*

I went to the Apple store and they said I could pay $250 and have it repaired/replaced and I could get a loaner for an additional $30! Well a friend of mine had already loaned me his nokia and we had put my sim in it, and it worked, but it just wasn't an iPhone. Needless to say, I got the loaner, went home and sync'd it up to my iTunes. It was like nothing had ever happened... just a horrible, horrible dream :-P

Anyway, I'm due to get mine back sometime in the next day or 2... but this loaner is awesome! I don't think I can ever use another phone!

(edit: another good reason NOT to put off getting insurance on it)


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Jul 20, 2007
Sorry to hear that. I'll tell you what, though. I am glad Apple is at least subsidizing 350 dollars worth of negligence. You only pay 250 after dropping it in the water? To me, that is ALMOST like a deductible for an insurance policy. Now I'm not so worried about crashing or bashing my phone since I know it won't be full price....hopefully.


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Jul 7, 2007
Tucson, AZ.
Perhaps I should ask my girlfriend to do my laundry from now on. You know, so I can spend the money I would have spent on replacing my iPhone on her. Yeah, that's it!

Nah, wouldn't work. She knows I have insurance on it with a zero deductible. Oh well. Would have been nice to not have to do laundry again!