I have 2700 contacts 500 are for sure duplicates

Dov Breuer

New Member
Nov 9, 2011
Please share your thoughts on how I should organize my contacts, I have 2700 contacts thereforee exporting to excel and going through each of them will take me a life time. I tried several duplicate removal apps but didn't pick up my duplicates.
Thank you.


Dec 2, 2007
Long Island, NY
I just cleaned up a bunch of duplicates in Outlook than synced it over to my phone. Unfortantly, there is no science involved. Basically I sat at Outlook and the duplicates were right next to each other and I deleted 1 of the 2 files. Sorry I wish than and I wish now I had a better answer.
ps: If you do it this way in order to insure the duplicates are removed from your phone during the sync I recommend that when you sync in iTunes, check off the box that says "replace contacts on the phone with contacts on my computer" It will give your phone a fresh copy of your corrected contacts. You only do this 1 time.