I must be doing something wrong...


Well, I lucked out yesterday at the Apple store.

Someone had returned an unopened 8 gig iPhone about 5 minutes prior to me getting there, so I bought it.

Went home, plugged it into my laptop (running Vista), it fired off iTunes and started the iPhone activation screen.

Went through, filled out the forms, checked the boxes and pushed the "Next" button a half dozen times.

Waited about 3 minutes (on a dial-up connection) and it was done. The Treo went dead and the iPhone came to life.

Took about about 30 minutes to re-do a lot of iTunes music that I had neglected to clean up and pushed the "Sync" button.

All of my music, calendar, email accounts & contacts (from Outlook 2007), photos and TV shows copied over while I made a pot of coffee.

Spent the majority of the rest of the afternoon and most of today playing. Pushing buttons, scrolling, pinching and flicking. Sent emails, surfed the web, looked at satellite pictures of my house, sent a text message, listened to James Taylor, took a few pictures of the dogs, watched a South Park episode and even called mom to see what she was up to. All the time, I awaited the lock ups, dropped calls, and generally crappy things that I keep hearing about on the news.

Yep, I guess I lucked out yesterday at the Apple store and bought the only known working iPhone that was made.

I just know I must be doing SOMETHING wrong. :D


Jun 26, 2007
Actually yours must be the second. I bought my 8GB on the 29th and had the same experience (except used with a Mac). :laugh2:

Been working fine since!