If Microsoft made the iPhone. (worth clicking)


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Jun 20, 2007
I think Apple users really take for granted the fact that we don't have any pop-ups on safari or many (if any) viruses. Had Microsoft used Internet Explorer on a mobile phone, there would have been tons of pop-up windows as well as viruses to worry about.
Wow. Where to start?

MS does use a version of IE on mobile phones. And there's no viruses, mainly because it doesn't download activex's automatically.

OTOH, perhaps you'll recall that the very first mass iPhone patch was for a bug in Safari that would've allowed anyone to insert a program or virus via a web site.


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Jul 23, 2007
PC's are much more customizable and flexible than macs in my view. The greatest asset is the greatest avenue for attack. Scripting.

I know Apple has AppleScript and all that but the MSOffice suites allow customization and scripting that most casual users probably aren't even aware of. You can do things in Excel, Word, Outlook and generally anywhere in the OS etc.. with scripting that I could find no equal for (allowed by Apple) on the mac. That's probably changed though.

These things are built into the OS.

I'm a field manager with ATT and I've automated just about every administrative task that happens to cross my desk. I write spreadsheets and Outlook scripts that send individual and group pages, Excel scripts that, though launched from Excel, look and behave like stand alone Windows programs.

When I feel adventurous I use VB Express 2005 a 100% FREE development program from MS who's programs, after being compiled, run at the same speed and are identical to their C++ counterparts. If Apple made something like VB Express they'd probably charge $2-300 for it. No way could I ever give up what Windows offers in that regard.

Apple is just too restrictive for me.