If you're thinking about selling your iPhone 4S and haven't taken the plunge, read this.


Jun 16, 2008
One Horse Town, New Jersey
Take the plunge to capitalize on the MOST you can get for your iPhone. I did. I secured my $400 sale with Gazelle today for my AT&T iPhone 4S 64GB. I have 30 days to send my iPhone 4S in. So If I decide, "No,I don't want your stinkin $400!" I can always just keep my iPhone. O_o

But the minute I get my iPhone 5 and cancel service on the iP4S, take the Sim card out and transfer my Apple Care Plus Plan ti my new iPhone 5, I'm sending it off to Gazelle.

Get the most you can, while you can!

Link to article:

iPhone trade-in biz booms ahead of Sept. 12, values expected to plummet after event

Online gadget resellers are currently experiencing a huge smartphone trade-in surge due to tomorrow’s unveiling of the next-generation iPhone, but they also warn that today’s attractive prices will not last forever (or for another 24 hours, for that matter).
Gazelle, which is one such website that noticed the ballooning amount of trade-ins, said it witnessed a 600 percent increase over the last 30 days, when compared to the 30 days prior to the 4S launch, but the company’s chief gadget officer, Anthony Scarsella, said the businesss growth shows “just how excited consumers are about the iPhone 5.”
Gazelle offers multiple ways to earn moolah for iPhone trade-ins, such as a check, PayPal or Amazon gift card, but selecting the Amazon option will grant 5 percent more toward the quoted value. The service currently offers a “good” iPhone 4 8GB (Black) – Verizon roughly $140, while an iPhone 4S 64GB (White) – Verizon in the same condition goes for $350.
Values for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S have slumped nearly $60 since last month, so Gazelle’s CEO recommends acting now before the next-generation iPhone makes it debut. Scarsela elaborated:

After the Apple announcement, we’re expecting to see prices start to drop dramatically. In the past, we’ve seen prices begin to drop right after the announcement and continue to decline for about a month before they level off. We most definitely expect to see that happen with this announcement. Glyde’s chief executive officer, Drew Lieberman, contended that his peer-to-peer marketplace always reflects any market changes, but he is confident a 16GB iPhone 4s will “still net at least $200″ after tomorrow’s Apple event. While Glyde does not have a typical trade-in program, it does make it easier for consumers to buy and sell used electronics.​
A Glyde resale value chart is below:
Here is a list of more websites with trade-in/resale programs:​
Check out 9to5Mac’s roundup for more details on how to get the most for an iPhone.​


Aug 1, 2012
Since all these prices will change after the announcement, the best bet is to sell it on eBay or Craigslist to find someone to pay what ever you would like(or close to it).