iLingo - Hearing it for the first time


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Dec 4, 2006
You would be guessing what is iLingo?
Well I also heard this for the first time yesterday .
Here are the details:

In short iLingo helps you to learn new langauge using iPod notes feature.
iLingo from Talking Panda is just like a guide book, but - thanks to the multimedia capabilities of the iPod - it also comes with the ability to listen to how a word or phrase is said – which is very handy, particularly if you’re on the go.
Once you have installed iLingo on your iPod, the langauge files are stored in the Notes section of your iPod. You then just have to click on the category that you’re interested in and select the word or phrase you want to read or play.
The audio quality is very clear and the pronunciation is very easy to understand. If there is a problem with the software, it's that the onscreen text is a little bit too small - some users may have difficulty reading it.
iLingo will also only work with iPods that have a Dock connector and a screen - which means that iPod shuffle users have to miss out.

What do you think now? Planning to buy this ...


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Nov 22, 2006
Well this just sounds like another piece of software which are currently flooding the market building their base around iPod , who knows when this will end ?
Majority of them are trying to make quick money out of iPod's success and so creating a lot of unnecessary and junk utilities though some are really worth a try.
Back to the businesss-Have you tried this software anytime?