Installer.App Refreshing Sources is VERY slow


Sep 29, 2007
Now I know that when I installed all sources to my I knew it would be slow but I didn't know it would take 5 mins to refresh on wifi in 7-9 mins on Edge. Thats too long to wait and see the 50 new summerboard themes each day.

So anyways my question is, what would you recommend removing from my sources?

So far I am looking at removing all the sources from a different langauge. Does this sound good or do differnent countries create apps which I may find in handy? I remember a French Programmar made it so you could sync wirelessly anywhere but I found it too much of a hassel.


New Member
Oct 12, 2007
You can either go through and delete the ones you don't need and/or useless (there is a lot like all the stupid summerboard themes) and it will speed up your refresh, or refresh with wi-fi it goes in 15 seconds flat


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Feb 17, 2007
I've noticed the same thing with all sources. The main thing I did was remove all the ones in other langauges. If you go to the sources page and click on the more info it will show you what they have to offer. I also deleted the ones that were individual people. Because if you notice there are duplicate apps. This would be great for someone who wanted to host their own sort of back up file system, and then that was the only source they had. That would speed up the process too. But the number one thing to do is just go to sources and see what each one has to offer and if it is in a langauge you don't know just remove the source. You can always put it back later.