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Feb 18, 2012
Hello , I have an iPhone 4 with version 5.0.1 and now i am living in a dorm where the internet connection is wireless.In order to get connected to the wireless i have to complete in safari the user and pass.A few weeks ago when i entered safari and typed Google, the page from the dorm automatically came and i had to complete the user and pass in order to get connected to the internet.Now when i type Google nothing happens... and the pages is white...There is no other way for me to connect to the internet ,just by entering that page and typing the user and pass..But that page is not loading.. Nothings happens.What can i do in order to solve this problem?Thank you very much!

or in order to explain the situation better....the way i am getting connected it's like the way you get connected in a starbucks cafe or mc'donalds ( maybe not in all , but in a lot )
You have to open a safari webpage that the page from the internet opens and you can either click on "accept" or something like that... or you give the user and pass.

And the problem is a few weeks ago it worked without problem...
Than i did jailbreak to it and it stoped working.
After that i updated it to 5.0.1 ( so there is no more jailbreak) but the internet connection is stil not working...
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Dec 2, 2007
Long Island, NY
1- try a hard restart
2- go to settings// general // network // wifi. You should see your schools wifi network. Press the blue arrow after your schools networks name. Choose " forget this network. Than go back in and choose your schools network and " join".

This may clear out your problem.