Interview Question, please help

Ibrahim Allaf

Apr 28, 2011
Dubai, U.A.E.
I am going to be asked this tomorrow, please help me answer in a professional way to not put the blame on my colleague who made a mistake


You are working in a company that offers a programme which is supposed to be a concierge service for high class members who expect you to do everything for them, hotel bookings, restaurants, gift recommendations, etc..

The member has asked your colleague to find him a good GYM in an X area in the city....

2 days later the member calls and is angry because no one has attended to him...

you get the call...upon checking the request, you notice that your colleague has forgotten to look into it...

What would you tell the member to keep him satisfies yet not put the blame on your lazy colleague? win both parties...if you know what I mean..

Please help me find a good answer as this will decide my next job if I get through this scenario which I will be asked tomorrow