iOS 5 Calendar changes killed functional use - My reply from Apple Engineering !


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Nov 9, 2011

My previous setup for my Business was a MBP and ical, but with Week Calendar HD (iPad app by utilitap that got pulled) and the native Apple Calendar app in iOS 4, I was even more effectively and efficiently able to manage my appointments from an iPad, so I sold the MBP. This all changed when Apple released iOS 5 and the Calendar was no longer able to layout my appointments in a logical, clear and usable way, as well as half missing fonts and totally killing it by pulling Week Calendar HD from the app store. So I have had to resort to remote accessing my iMac from my iPad just to use the Calendar. I can't just drop back to iOS 4 because I need iCloud to sync data between my devices and co workers. And why should I have to be left behind! Apple changed the game!

So here is my story about my communications with Apple.

After months of agonising (I have been per suing this issue since Beta 1 in June/July with Apple in the Developers area) today I got the final verdict from one of Tim Cooks assistants in Singapore who was looking after my case after emailing the big guy. According to Apple what I was reporting as a bug, is a feature! Half missing fonts and ridiculously overlapping events which sit all over the place is a feature!

I sent a very detailed email with my full report on the issue to Tim Cook out of total desperation, all other communication channels with Apple had failed to get me a response, I felt like I had know where else to go and nothing to loose. The next day I got a phone call from someone in Singapore who was forwarded that email I sent to Tim Cook.

She told me she has been assigned to help with my complaint and asked me to also send her an email explaining my complaint. I then spent a further 2 hrs refining my report and sent it off to her. She told me that she had escalated my bug report again to engineering and that she will get back to me when she gets the response from engineering.

Just over a week later I get a call from her (Friday the 4th Nov) this is her response from engineering: There is no bug, the calendar app for iOS 5 was re written to look this way, what I am experiencing is the new features of iOS 5 calendar. Even when I pushed her about the font issue, I got the same response! this is what she had been told to say and thats that basically. I asked to put her response in an email to me, but she refused and said it was against Apple policy. When I questioned about Week Calendar HD no longer been available I got '0' response.

My rant here is not just me getting in a huff and puff, I have already gone through all the correct channels and in a correct manner, actually due to my love for Apple I feel I went beyond what is normal, I truly felt that Apple had something to fix and that I was helping them by providing all this information. I forgot to also mention that I also submitted a bug report months ago on the Developer forum and also posted a thread in the developers forum with pics and all way back too.

This new feature they implemented does not work for me, and I suspect there would be many others like me who use it for businesss or even families who have multiple calendar they share who need a clear picture of whats going on. At least they should make it something that can be switched on and off like I managed to do with iCal 5 in Lion (using debug mode, thanks to instructions from a forum member here).

I would be even more happy if Apple would just allow Week Calendar HD back into the app store for users like me. We need a calendar app that can be used for businesss, where events get more complex.

So what am I going to do next week? I don't know....the calendar is the centre of my businesss, this issue has brought me much grief, this issue did not exist before iOS 5 when calendar did not have this feature and when Week Calendar HD existed. I am not crying about something I never had ....... I am crying because I built my entire businesss management around using my iPad as my office, and now Apple has killed my office.

I am left with no choice apart from totally moving away from Apple or just the iPad at the least, if I can't use the calendar for work then what am I going to do with Apple products

I can't handle having to remote access my iMac anymore....driving me nuts!

Calendar in iOS 5 new added features according to Apple .... half missing font and layout chaos! these are the pictures engineering at Apple where given .... to which the response was given to me 'the app was rebuilt to look like that' !


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Sep 7, 2010
Do you absolutely have to have both the iOS4 calendar and iCloud? I'm thinking if you can sacrifice iCloud then reverting your own unit or exchanging for an iOS4 unit is your only option short of going back to the MBP.

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Aug 2, 2007
I just browsed iTunes for iPad calendars, and while I didn't check the functionality completely, there seems to be several options out there for you to choose from- all under $5.