iPad 3 Plug and my iPhone 4S


Jun 16, 2008
One Horse Town, New Jersey
I am new to the world of iPad. I know about 40 to 50% of all the things I should know about The New iPad 3 that I so proudly purchased in March.

Well, I discovered something new, to me, today.

I used the plug from my iPad 3 to charge my iPhone 4S and Man Oh Man it charged my iPhone 4S from 58% to 100% in about an hour. I'm not sure of the exact amount of time. It could have been 45 or 50 minutes. I'm at work and I plugged in my iPhone 4S using the iPad 3's plug and I left it. I went to check it later, an hour or less later, and it was done! What!? The plug that comes with the iPhone has never charged my phone that fast. This is good news. I think I'll use this instead of the plug that came with the iPhone 4S from now on here at work.

I never usually bring the iPad 3's plug out of the house but today I had to because last night I passed out and didn't plug in my iPad for charging. I woke up at 4am to find my iPad at 52% so I plugged it in and it took forever to charge. 2 hours later it was only at 75% so I brought the plug with me to work and the rest is discovery history. :D

I know Apple makes a power adapter that is fast and can charge the iPhone and the iPad much faster than the supplied chargers. Its the Apple iPad 10W USB Power adapter for $29. I might have to get that for optimum charging. It might be worth a shot.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you guys. Tell me what you think. You all probably knew about this already. :unsure: If you didn't know about this, try it out, you might get excellent charging results too! (y)


Jun 21, 2010
The iPad chargers are 10 watt while the iPhone charger is 5 watt.
No need to buy a 10 watt as you already have one ;)


Oct 23, 2007
Louisville, KY
As far as I know, the iPhone never draws more than 1 amp of USB power (5 watts). There isn't anything special about the iPad 3 charger that enables it to draw more than the standard iPhone charger--1 amp is just the most the iPhone's power circuitry was designed for, and the iPad charger has that and then some. I've always been able to do a full recharge in about an hour and 45 minutes with the regular little 5 watt cube so I never worried too much about it.

Is the cable you're using with your iPhone charger an official Apple cable? If not, it might be the culprit. If it is one of those cheap knockoff charger cables, and it's disconnected the USB data pins, then the iPhone won't know to pull the extra juice that the charger can provide, and it'll fall back to half an amp or less. There are half a dozen of those cheap Chinese imitation cables floating around the office and they barely charge, even connected to the official charger.