iPad AppleCare Protection Plan


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Jan 23, 2009
Henderson, NV
I got an email today from Apple recommending that I buy iPad AppleCare Protection Plan. Generally, I don't buy extended warranties they usually are a waste of money. But sometimes i do, several years ago I bought the protection plan for my first iPod, the iPod Color, but I never needed it and the iPod still works fine today.

I was surprised it only costs $79 considering the cost of the iPad. My question is how many have purchased it and do you recommend it or not?

Thanks for your input.

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Josh Yates

Jul 14, 2007
Orion, MI
It's nothing more than extended warranty on the iPad, but has no accidental damage coverage at all. You're at the mercy of an Apple Genius for a drop. On laptops and iMacs I say go for it...even AppleCare + for the iPhone (it now covers accidental damage). Not sure for an iPad. I will be going with a SquareTrade warranty with accidental damage protection for around $99 for my new iPad 3 when I get it. 1 year of warranty is good through Apple and if you live close to an Apple Store, the Geniuses will usually help you out.