iPad Case & Accessory question


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Mar 13, 2009
Hey all--let me thank you in advance for any advice. My 1st question is an easy one--I'm looking for a tested wireless headset for my iPad. My current one (good enough for the iPhone) doesn't work and I am looking to pay LESS than $50-$60 bucks. I love my 'Pad, but I won't be using them often and with all the stuff that I've bought, I am well over $1000 for a device that I mentally only planned $500 for.
My second question is more subjective. If you can believe it, I've been struggling to find the perfect case since the original launch day. I went with the silicone thing by inCase at first, but hated it so now I'm using one of those reversible envelope sleeve that I hate just as much. I want a combo case/stand thats not super ugly or if I have to settle on just a case, I want one that functions as a case/cover so I don't have to take it in and out.
Here's my story so far. I fell in love with the Vaja case for the 30 seconds that I didn't notice the over $100 price (I think they are more now?) and quickly moved on to the Cloak by Quirky. I loved the design and happily placed my pre-order with the understanding that I would keep looking. After months of delays, the Cloak (via photos) just didn't live up to my imagination.
In the interim, I won a $50 GC from GelaSkins and have covered my iPad in the Summer Oasis skin AND IT LOOKS AMAZING. So now i kinda want to get a cover that at least shows off the front of the device in its skin. So I'm back to wanting a Vaja like case and stumbled up on the SGP iPad case, but am a little worried about that bump thing on the back. Last but not least, the Owl Wallet Lite seems perfect.
So now that I feel like a 'stupid girl' that can't make up her mind--all this comes down to the leather thing. Every leather case I've gotten for my phone or other devices has gotten loose and any case for the iPad would have a lot of leather. Now that its been a few months, what is your experience with leather casing?


Jan 16, 2009
Ok well I use the Apple case that works as a stand and for $35-$40 it just can't be beat. It is very slim so it doesn't add much bulk to the iPad. I haven't tried the Motorola S9 wireless headset, as I have an older model that works fine, but you can find the S9s for around $60 on Amazon and probably cheaper on EBay.


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Jun 20, 2007
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I'm with you on the cases, hon. I have the Apple case and hate the sharp edges and the fact that it is constantly filthy. I had a clutch on preorder with Happy Owl but they went and added old lady pleats to it and now I hate it. I like the wallet but want something in colors.

So, I have no advice but can commiserate with you. I'll let you know if anything pops up. We seems to be looking for the same thing. Personally, if you're not concerned with having color, I'd go with the Happy Owl wallet or wallet lite.


Mar 10, 2010
Roseville, CA
I'm not all that happy with the Apple iPad case either, so I'm also still looking. Two I've found interesting are the Particle case from Ten1 (?) and the Defender from Otterbox. Both ends of the price spectrum.
Any opinions?
The Particle comes with a stylus and since I recently added Sketchbook it has appeal. That said...I like the heavier style of the Defender. Flippin' expensive for a case though.