iPhone 3 to look like Apple!


Apr 21, 2007
Upstate NY
Just like all rumors: an insider has reported that the iPhone version 3 will look more like the Apple logo than the present candy bar form. SJ is quoted as saying " the design change allows us to provide a more conforming form to the ear and that all of the hardware will now be hanging from the ear." One questions whether the ear will look odd with an Apple hanging from it, but we will just have to see what other miracles will be a part of this phone. Supposedly, 3GXy&Z will form the network foundation. It will also have a heart monitor and pulse detector that can be accessed by calling 557-8573. As with the onset of version 1, this iPhone has done away with the keyboard all together. Now, TRS will take care of all calls, texting and calling the local seafood place for that, now infamous, calamari. What is TRS- Thought Recognition System- By the time of release in early May 2008, we will have moved into the future.

The author of this article takes no responsibility for truth, rumor or innuendo. May the iPhone force be with you and remember: always pay attention to INSIDERS- they have the know!, but no cover flow! :laugh2: