iPhone 3GS text message problems.

Dale Sanford

New Member
Jun 16, 2012
Franklin, North Carolina
I have an iPhone 3GS that I am using on straight talk. I started with them a week and a half ago and had problems with picture messaging. Now I am having a problem and when I click on the Green Message icon the phone looks like it is going to the familiar white screen where all of the text messages are shown, but then in a few seconds it goes back to the home screen. If someone sends me a message the preview shows up on my phone home screen but if I click the Green icon I can not get to the list of messages. The APN and MMS settings are correct according to what I have researched. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I have no problems with accessing data or with making or receiving phone calls but the text issue is driving me CRAZY..PLEASE HELP


Jul 7, 2009
Neponsit, NY
Just a word to the wise regarding Straight Talk. I thought they were great in the beginning when I started their service on June 14, 2012. Once you approach 2gb they will cut your data speeds to the point that you can't even download email. They do this without warning and their customer service is horrible and 100% outsourced to the Philippines. If you review their TOS you will see that you can't stream video or audio with their data plan. If you happen to use over 100mb in a day, they will cut you off. I switched back to AT&T. If you're a light user, it's not bad but heaven forbid you use too much data, it is a nightmare!