iPhone 4 problem after repair

Adrian Alfredini

New Member
Aug 16, 2011
Gday guys adrian here from australia.

i have recently fitted iPhone 4 white front screen and digitizer and rear cover to what was a black iPhone 4 due to both covers being cracked beyond repair.

after fitting the new front and rear covers and home button my mate rang me back the other day saying the home screen doesn't turn off when he puts the phone to his ear when answering a phone call. this resulting in his cheek pressing buttons, hanging up or going to loud speaker. the problem is only happening now after the new covers have been put on.

how ever he did tell me that when he got the phone 15months ago he dropped it and since then when he turns the phone on the side the pictures doesn't turn with it. just wondering if that has anything to do with it or is it because i put white covers on?

ps every thing else seems to be working fine other then that

thanks for any help its hugely appreciated


Apr 11, 2008
Sounds as if the proximity sensor isn't working properly or at all. Check connections and test it out.