iPhone 4S Data Speed

Mary towle

New Member
Oct 14, 2011
I have had my phone a little under a month, had the 3Gs before this.

In the last week, the speed for data has become horrible. Many of my apps time out. I thought it may be the apps themselves, so I have gone to the app center to read the reviews to see if people have left reviews, but then even the app center is slow, and last night just kept on "thinking".

Are other people noticing this speed change in the last week? I have done a soft restart, and still get the same problem

rom x

Jan 18, 2011
i had the same problem with one of my sprint phones. sounds like your phone is hook to a bad server/slow server on the network. and i don't know how to change it on a iPhone. if i were you i would go to your cell provider and show them your speeds and compair them with the same phone as yours. if their in store iPhone gets better speeds then it is most likely a phone or network issue.