iPhone 4S Picture Thread


Some pics I took with the 4S while on vacation in Canada.

The obligatory ever-original sunrise/sunset over a lake pics, naturally (but I still never get tired of seeing it).
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(well, not quite sunrise, the sun was well up in the sky for those two. But yeah. As close to sunrise as I can get up for :p)
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One kind of cool effect I saw on the water, out on the boat just before a storm hit:
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One my brother took with my 4S of the crack of dawn. I was too tired to get up that early to take that, and he hadn't gone to sleep yet, so he borrowed my phone to go do it himself :p
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hey bud, can I use the 3 picture as a reflection for one of my edits? All I need is the reflection and the colors match the grass of the field.


Testing the new panorama option in iOS 6 for the first time of my street. It's so easy to use and no processing time at all. This might replace all my pano apps on my phone! The original size of this image is 8133 x 2063.

iPhone 4S Photos by Motogq, on Flickr