iPhone 4s problems


Apr 15, 2009
Ive had the last 3 iPhones so know my way around them, but this model is really confusing me - mainly due to icloud. Firstly - it says that if i buy an app on my iTunes that it will automatically put it on my phone - it doesn't! However if i buy something on my phone, when i then turn on iTunes it will then stick it on iTunes!

I thought the thing with icloud was that i didn't really need to use iTunes so much? ie it automatically syncs things for me? or that i can sync it without turning on my laptop!

The other issue i have with icloud is that when i do sync it on iTunes - i then get 2 of everything in my calendar and 2 of each contact! Any idea how to stop this?

I also use the whatsapp messenger app and that has 2 of each contact - seems ridiculous! If anyone could help with any of my issues that would be great.


Jan 8, 2009
I can't help you with the first issue, I have the same thing, I think that iCloud is in it's infancy and it will get better as Apple identifies the problems, so in that effort you should report your issues to Apple.

As for the duplicates...you need to make sure in the future you tell your device to merge the contacts and calendar, for now all you can do is delete the duplicates. Delete them on the device that is the most convenient (easy) for you and the changes you make there should filter to all your sync'd devices.