iPhone 5 after 3+ Days


Mar 10, 2012
I got mine in black on release day. I chose the black because I felt the two-tone silver and white combo had a kind of cheap look to it where the black actually looked more classy.

[Finish] The anodizing layer is very thin on the black and I am sure it will be super easy to scratch. I got a cheap TPU gel case from ebay before I got the phone for that very reason. I have an otterbox coming but this one works for now. I am very careful with my phones but sometimes things just happen. Felt it was better safe than sorry. Personally I was/am a big fan of the full glass front and back on previous models. I kinda wish they would have left it that way.

[Battery] I found that after doing a restore from my iPhone 4S that everything appeared to be turned on in the settings on the new phone. My battery died within just a few hours. I don't have LTE coverage anywhere near me, so I turned that off. I also turned of the push notifications for everything but the phone, calendar and iMessages. I check the few other things manually. Now the battery lasts all day no problem (my iPhone 4S would not last that long so this is a big improvement). I am sure a few charging cycles will help that as well. As of now I have 3 hours of usage and 18 hours of standby and am still at 68% on my battery.

[Camera] Though this camera is not all that different from the one in the IP4s, This one is taking much better pics. I had the IP4s in white and my son has the IP4s in black. We both had issues with blue tinted pictures from the flash. This issue happened no matter if we used the phone with or without a case installed. The black phone was a bit better but still had the problem. I can't say anything about the new white iPhone since I only have the black but so far I am not seeing any problems with the flash in the new phone. Pictures are clear and sharp. Even the few low light pics I took came out pretty good. The panorama option has also been a great addition. This camera certainly won't replace my 14mp SLR, but it makes for a very good option when taking out the big camera is not convenient.

[IOS 6] So far the IOS seems to be a lot snappier. I had gotten IOS 6 on the IP4S before my new IP5 arrived. On the IP4S the OS was a bit snappier than the older 5.1 but not a lot. On the IP5 everything does seem to run much faster and smoother in general. Since I don't have LTE my data speeds are pretty much as they were before. Not much I can do about that, but I can still see that even the web browser runs a bit faster. I am sure this is because of the faster A6 chip.

[Gaming] I don't play many games on my phone so I had my son test out several that he likes. He is mostly into racing games like Asphault and Need for speed. He played for hours yesterday. He says the games are running a bit faster and smoother with less glitchy spots. The faster chip seems to be helping quite a bit with that. The larger screen doesn't really come into play since most of the games have not updated to the new size yet.

[Maps] Though this seemed to be a big disappointment for a lot of people, I am finding the maps to be pretty good. I live in a rural area where we don't have public transportation so I don't miss not having that option in the new maps app. I also live to far away from everything for walking maps to be any use to me so I don't miss that either. With time and use the maps app will only improve. For now the turn by turn directions (which is all I use the maps for anyway) are doing a pretty good job. I have to admit that living in the boonies I found that to be a nice surprise.

[Ear pods] I generally use my bluetooth rather than the wires headphones but I did try these out. I have always had issues with finding in-ear style headphones that fit and didn't make my ears hurt. In this category these new ear pods hit the mark. I had them in for almost 12 hours on Saturday and had no discomfort at all. They stayed in my ears even when working around the house. Sound quality is also a lot better than the original iPhone ear buds. These are certainly not top of the line quality, but for a bundled item they are very nice.

[Lightening cord/port] I have tons of extra cords and plugs for my older iPhone and ipad. I was sad to see the change only because it meant having to buy more cords and/or adapters. The super short cords also never fail to disappoint. That being said, I actually really like the new style. It is very nice not having to look close to see which way to turn the plug. It also appears that this new style might end up being more sturdy that the previous one. I don't relish having to spend money on new cords and adapters, but I am sure quality replacements will be out very soon.

[Siri] I love Siri. This updated version is definitely a big improvement over the last. She has a lot more functionality than she used to and also seems to offer a lot more info than before. I don't use her a lot, but I do use her when driving for phone numbers and the sort. Now she can do so much more than that. I am actually looking forward to driving just so I can see what else I can use her for.

To sum up:
Great battery life with a few adjustments in settings
Larger screen but still able to use one-handed
IOS6 Runs smooth and fast
Siri has a lot more ability
Much faster A6 chip
Better sounding and fitting headphones

Frame and back are VERY easy to scratch
Maps needs a little more work and a few more options

Given all that I have considered since my purchase I would definitely buy the IP5 again (With a good case). I actually plan on getting at least 2 more as my upgrades become available (January and March 2013). My son and daughter both have the 4S and have played with my 5. Now they both want upgrades.