iPhone 5 worth it?


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Nov 15, 2012
Hi I'm a student and I'm writing an article about early innovators with new products and one of the products I'm looking at is the iPhone 5

Here are some questions I'd like to ask

Did you wait in line?
Was the weather an issue?
What did you bring with you?
Did you receive attention from the media? What kind?
Did you receive attention from friends? What kind?
Was it about the new technology or the experience?
What will be your primary use for the new iPhone?
Where did you wait in line?
Did you pre-order the phone or wait in line?
How long did you wait to buy the phone?
What are the features you like the most?
Were the features the reason you purchased the phone?
Have you received any comments on the phone from people in general?
Have the comments been negative or positive?
What was your previous phone?
Do you considered this one a significant upgrade?

And anything else you’d like to include

Any thing would help I'd appreciate it a lot!
And if anybody would like to be interviewed directly that would be extremely helpful!


no (Reserved it the night before online)
no (?)
Credit Card
yes; they want one, too
it was about the crappy phone reception I got with my 4G
phone calls, Outlook sync, photos, games
no line (see 1st reply)
pre-order (see 1st reply)
no wait (see 1st reply)
I like the improved phone reception and the lighter weight
yes (see 6th reply)
positive from positive people; negative from negative people
iPhone 4G
better phone reception (see 6th reply)

It's the cool phone!

Life is short; if you want one go get one!