iPhone 6 instead of 5S!


Mar 25, 2010
Can't wait til we find out exactly when it will ship and what the ACTUAL SPECs will be.

I have an upgrade and will be using it to upgrade my 5 to the 5S or 6. Whatever the name will be.

Just come on APPLE. let us in on when and what.

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Jul 8, 2010
You know I felt this way when the 5 came out and I left tried windows phone and Android again. Android for all its customizations and supposed innovations is still in constant beta with quirks and battery issues always present. Windows phone as nice as the modern UI is and the OS is issueless. Their ecosystem isn't great and they're non Nokia phones suck. The Nokia phones as great as they are have weight/design aesthetics that hamper them. I have returned to iOS and the iPhone 5 and while using it again have realized how great this ecosystem and OS is. Add to that the impeccable design and style of the hardware. No competition. I longed for the bigger screens had the SGS3 and note 2 and recently the HTC one although the real estate is great for certain things the phones are clumsy, big and difficult to use one handed. In summation the formula Apple has is the winning formula. There will be some attrition here and there but as the users realize these things they will return as I and many others have
X2 I have been using the galaxy s4 on att since launched switched from an iPhone 5 and can't wait for the 5s. I'm.constantly using my Gf iPhone 5 or sons iPod touch Lol. The apps I use mostly aren't on Android and well the screen size is nice it has its downfalls like instagram looks like crap on the gs4 all piks look crappy and when you upload to instagram from the gs4 they look even worse and yes the phone gets sluggish and ram on the gs4 gets used up quick I'm always restarting the phone to run fast and smooth again.