iPhone a big hit at the family reunion


Mar 8, 2007
Columbus, GA
I went to my family reunion this weekend and want to let everyone know that the iPhone was a big hit. There were over a hundred at the reunion and only one iPhone.;)

I had four that were really interested and needed a full tour. One cousin is an old Pullman train car refurbisher. He had read several articles, but he was thrilled to finally see one in person. He asked about the activation problems that he read about right after release and seemed relieved when I told him most of those had been solved in a few days. He could not believe the clarity of 2007 Cotton Bowl that I had downloaded from iTunes. I think he'll have one before too much longer.

Another cousin has her own transcribing businesss with several girls working for her. She knows computers pretty well and really enjoyed all the the features included in the iPhone. She didn't seem surprised that I had one. I think my dad had already told everyone about me buying it the night before I got to the reunion.

Another cousin (school teacher) couldn't believe that I could email a picture I had just taken directly to her email address right there in the banquet hall where we had our dinner.

My brother (the attorney) really liked it. He's more of a T-Mobile guy, but I could see that he was really interested in the phone. He wanted to know if there was a sports widget (good idea by the way) like there is for stocks and weather. I told him the best we could do right now was to use safari to check the latest sports scores.

All in all another busy day for my iPhone. I tell you, when you pull these things out to snap a couple of pics, you better have some time to explain a few things because people are going to gather.;)


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Jul 3, 2007
believe it or not i went to a small family reunion the other day too and all my relatives loved my iPhone, i held it for a good hour the whole day everyone was playing with it


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Jul 6, 2007
Chicago IL
I know the feeling, I've pulled mines out at my friend's baby shower and the barber shop unconsciously to use it. At the baby shower everyone was claiming they'd steal it if I didn't hold on to it tight lol. Now at the barber shop, every time I go in there 2 barbers keep saying "Hey man let me zoom in on my girl friend to see what shes doing using the satallite" it gets annoying.... the satallite feature isn't even as alive as many people think when using the maps widget.