iPhone and Family Plan Question?


New Member
Jun 18, 2007
Hey there, I'd really appreciate if someone could answer my questions about the iPhone.

I'm about to get one today (it's being shipped from AT&T). Now let me try to explain my situation. I'm included on a family plan. The rest of my family will not be getting iPhones. Our contract is up. They would like to get new phones in a week (once they decide) for cheap/free through a site like LetsTalk.com since we are eligible for a contract extension. However, if I activate and add my iPhone today and extend my phone for 2 years onto our existing family plan....will that make the rest of my family ineligible for a contract extension and unable to get free/cheap phones?

Also, would I be able to get a free extra phone from letstalk.com since they probably don't know I have an iPhone?

I guess my basic question is: Can I activate my iPhone today without it affecting my family's ability to get phones...or should I wait until they order activate/order theirs?