iPhone and tablet


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Feb 4, 2011
South East
I intend to get an i phone but am interested in the toshiba thrive tablet. Looking for some insight as to why the Ipad would be a better choice.. Thanks


Aug 2, 2007
This is going to sound biased because you're on a forum that promotes Apple and iOS, but I have read a number of reviews, and I can tell you that when comparing tablets, this is how the competition is compared:
1) easy of use
2) battery life
3) screen - Brightness, clarity, etc
4) apps- are there enough to cover what you want to do- whether it's games, media, web, businesss, etc.

The only 2 things that the iPad fell short on were screen - and only compared to the Galaxy 10.1, and only by a small margin- and web. The Web part is subjective. Do you really need flash? I can tell you for me, I don't miss it at all. And for those rare times when I find a video I want to watch that is in a flash player, I use my Skyfire browser. Regular sites that are designed entirely in flash are generally not worth going to anyway. (plus, many of them are converting to HTML5 so they don't miss out on "mobile" web traffic.

In other words, The iPad was first, does it better, and is still way ahead of the rest in most areas. The smart money is spent on iPad.