iPhone Clock/Dock that fits with a case on?

Rae Antonoff

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Sep 11, 2011
Los Angeles, California
Hello, world!

I'm brand-new here and the search returned nothing useful, so I'm sorry if I just stink at figuring out the right search terms and this has been covered before!

I'm looking for an alarm clock + iPhone dock, but one which will fit the phone in there without my having to take the case off every night. I subleased a furnished apartment for a while that had a clock + dock on the nightstand, and it was really nice to have... but I had to take the case off every night, which is not only annoying but also made some pieces of the case start to come loose (not broken, the back panel sometimes shifts around a bit thanks to the daily on-and-off shenanigans).

I don't need any fancy features. Just a digital time display and the ability to play iPhone songs for the alarm through its own speakers. Radio would be nice but even that isn't necessary.

Any ideas for brands/models to look for? Ideally not too expensive either, but I'd rather save up a bit from the next few paychecks (minimum-wage grad-school internships are just that fun) to get a good one than buy a cheap one that won't end up working well for me.

I have a 3GS right now but would like to upgrade to the 4 sometime in the next few months (after about a dozen more paychecks... ha), so I'd really like a model that is compatible with both.

Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks.

- Rae


Nov 11, 2011
I just bought, and really like, a device made by Kensington. Do an Amazon search for Kensington Nightstand. It is a small device that plugs into the charge port on you iPhone, any model with any case attached. It turns your phone into a digital clock. you can stand it on its side or upright. It charges the phone overnight while it provides a clock. Used in conjunction with the iPhone clock, it is also an alarm clock.
Check it out.
There are also a couple of plain ole chargers out there that work well with any case on your phone. Mine is sitting in the cradle of a Seidio knock off sold on ebay by someone in Hong Konk. Check out item number 120773679254 on ebay. It is a knock off of a 50 dollar charger that you can buy online in the US. Only it takes 5 weeks to arrive. But for less than 8 bucks, it was worth it to me. Hope this helps.