iPhone earbuds color modification

The Apple

Aug 2, 2007
So my earbuds cords were getting pretty scuzzy. They were discolored and looked bad. I decided I would try to dye them, so I went to Wal-Mart and got some Rit fabric dye. I thought this will have to work. It did not work. I could not believe they could pick up so much dirt but they could not pick up the fabric dye. Well today I decided to give the color change another try. So on an inconspicuous spot on my headphones I took an Expo dry erase marker to them. It actually looked good, but I thought it would just wipe off so I tried and it was not coming off. Then I tried a wet rag and it did not come off with that either. So I colored the whole cord with an orange Expo marker. It actually looked good, I was surprised. It looks a lot better than the dirty white cord!:laugh2::laugh2: