iPhone is tough, I'm not though.. - drop testing

Last week I was sitting in my F350 parked in a legal parking space in town, but the road is 2 fairly narrow lanes with parallel parking. So I'm parked because I got a phone call from a customer and wanted to devote my full attention to it. I had my drivers window down, was leaning on the drivers door, and had the phone in my left hand on my left ear.

I'm engrossed in the conversation trying to troubleshoot the technical details of the physical layer vs logical layer connection for DSL when all of a sudden POW! A motorhome passes me and glass and plastic flies everywhere! I have no idea what just happened but something seems to have exploded right next to my head! As it turns out, his right side mirror hit my left side mirror at about 30mph! It scared the bejessus out of me and my iPhone went right out the window to the roadway! SHEEEEEETTT!

To make a long story short, he stopped and all is well, even the iPhone just got a few minor scratches on the bottom left corner. No screen scratches and no other damage! But I tell you, it did scare me crapless.
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