iPhone lockdown


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Dec 12, 2011
Hello everyone, I am a PC specialist for a health organization. Next year we will be doing an upgrade to Exchange 2010 which could support iPhone. However we have some policies that everyone must fallow. Here they are:

iPhone must not try to sync to their personal computer, so syncing music, movies, photos and so on must be disabled.
Buying apps must be disabled.
No buying music on iPhone.
MUST be secured with our exchange server just as our Black Berries are if not better.
iPhone must not try to sync to a new computer or prompt user for anything when tried to be synced.
Must be password protected.
Must be able to be remotely wiped
And no personal accounts must be able to be setup.
Must sync seamlessly with our exchange server just like BB's do. Including contacts, dates, schedules, and emails.

What is out there to complete all this and can not be bypassed if someone googles it? We have looked at one or two programs however we have read that they can be bypassed or disabled easily.
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Jun 21, 2010
Safe to assume these will be issued devices that you will setup?
Take a look into the restrictions area of the phone, that could be of help on initial setup.


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Jan 2, 2010
If you don't want people to buy music or apps, then why issue iPhones? Everything on your list can be done, with the exception of syncing to a personal computer. I don't see you you can stop that. An iPhone without apps and/music is near pointless. This assumes you're purchasing the phones for you employees.