iPhone Outlook Email Setup made EASY!

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Aug 2, 2011
So it took me a while to figure out how to setup Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Email on my iPhone 4 and I thought I'd share since it seems that not many people know.

Here are the steps as you should do them:

1) Go to your settings and select the Mail, Contacts, Calendars tab.
2) Select Add Account... tab.
3) Select the Microsoft Exchange tab.
4) Enter in the Email Portion (your email address).
5) The Server step is a little tricky, so pay attention:

- For the server specific to your email mailbox you need to log-in to your account via msn/hotmail.
- Once you enter your username and password, as well as actually log in, there will be a small ? Mark in the upper right hand of the screen, with an arrow corresponding to a drop down menu.
- Under this menu you will need to click the 'About' option. This will bring up a new window with all of your info related to your mailbox.
- You will need to find the section titled 'External POP setting:', under which will be the 'Server name:'
- THIS IS SPECIFIC TO YOUR INBOX ONLY! The "podXXXXX.outlook.com" will be what you need tto input as your server. (the 'X's are five numbers specific to you and you only!).

6) No need to fill in the Domain so skip it.
7) Fill in the Username portion with your Username (email address) which you use to log-in to MSN/Hotmail/Outlook. (For me Microsoft Outlook)
8) Enter your password for your email like you would to log-in to your email on the computer.
9) Enter the Description you wish to list this Email as. (ex: My Outlook, ect.)
10) Turn 'Use SSL' -> ON

If done right, this will give you access to your Microsoft Outlook Email on your iPhone. :)

Hope this helps everyone who struggled to find the solution.

Leave feedback if it worked for you or if you had problems.


Aug 2, 2007
I'm not sure what you are accomplishing here. Ah... wait, I think I get it now. Are you trying to setup your email so you have your folders and subfolders? That is IMAP setup, which I use for my Gmail account.
And for those of us that don't have a MSN or Hotmail account, these instructions are kind of pointless anyway.
If you are trying to get access to your Outlook folders for your work account, you had the first portion right, you set it up as exchange. The rest should be pushed to you when you verify to the server -just like an IMAP account.