iPhone/Outlook push email


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Jun 17, 2007
I was using the Google to navigate the tubes and dump trucks of the internets and I ran across this:

From Wikipedia:
Apple's upcoming iPhone will feature push e-mail using the Push-IMAP protocol. Apple has announced that iphone-compatible push service will be provided by Yahoo! for free to Yahoo! e-mail users. The Cortado (push-email) e-mail provider has also announced compatibility with iPhone's push capabilities.
We already knew about the iPhone and Yahoo. But Cortado? Never heard of them. Nothing here on a search. So let's dig some more...

Hmm. Seems they offer a free product for mobile phones. :) Available here.

As well as some sort of recently announced premium service, that sounds like it might solve the Outlook push/iPhone issue, albeit at a price. :cool:

I don't know how well it works, but I think there might be some pent-up demand in the businesss sector for a way to remotely sync iPhones. Can someone with some Exchange experience see if this is a viable option?

Now Cortado seems to be spun out of a European company called ThinPrint. Whose hosting center was created by the German divisions of...
Hewlett Packard and Microsoft. :eek:
The Outlook bit is logical. Announcing iPhone compatibility is a touch ironic. :laugh2:

I guess Cortado may be the mechanism that Apple expects to use to push the Yahoo email, since all of the info was in the same paragraph on Wikipedia. It could be the same free service. But the premium package does sound interesting.

At some point I guess this should be moved to Windows PC and iPhone, but it sounds like an intriguing development.

(I have no affiliation with Cotado, HP, MS, Apple, etc.)


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Jun 4, 2007
Will you be able to push with any imap server?

All my mail is done via imap.