iPhone Plug: Good or Bad? Not sure...


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Jul 23, 2007
I keep my iPhone in a belt case and (like today) when I wear a shirt not tucked in I have the headset down through my shirt, plugged into the iPhone with the earbuds coming out of my shirt collar opening. They just hang a little or I'll stick them in my shirt pocket until my phone rings.

Sometimes the cord will pull back down inside my shirt and I'll tug it a little to get more slack.

Today I feel something bumping up against my leg... what is it? It's my iPhone hanging freely from the headset cord swinging in the wind over a very hard floor. Scared the heck out of me.

My first thought? I'm glad that cord/plug is so sturdy/tight, my iPhone didn't fall. My second thought? If that cord wasn't so sturdy/tight it wouldn't have pulled my phone out of the case in the first place.

I still have phantom images of the iPhone falling to that hard marble floor.

Plug your headset in and lift the iPhone with it (over a table with your hand under it), it will not come out unless you pull it out.

Good or bad? Not sure. :laugh2: Imagine your headset getting caught on something and taking the phone with it instead of the plug just coming loose.

Really tight engineering. I wonder if the recessed plug has much to do with that.