iPhone screen inverted after LCD replacement.

Nicholas Maskell

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Jul 26, 2011

I recently replaced my iPhone 3G LCD screen and when I turned it on I found all the colors to be inverted (as seen in photo). As this is a 3G the accessibility options do not exist and does not seem to be a software problem.

What I think might possibly have something to do with the problem is that I originally broke the LCD screen when I was fixing the home button. When I had the cover off I by mistake hit the on button and because the screen was not attached I could not turn the phone off. After plugging everything in the LCD did not work.

Any idea what is wrong? Is this simply just a faulty LCD screen or have I fried the logic board?




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Dec 12, 2008
It sounds like it's hardware-related. I searched to see if there is a way to enable color inversion on the iPhone 3G (since the accessibility features aren't available on that model) and couldn't find one. If there was one, I was thinking it would possibly allow you to toggle it on and off. If the device is jailbroken, there may be a way to enable it by editing a .plist and changing Accessibility=false to Accessibility=true, but I didn't find any information on this and I don't have a 3G to test it on.

I would try, in this order:
1. A hard reset (press the home and power buttons simultaneously for several seconds until you see the Apple logo appear)
2. Resetting all settings
3. Restoring to factory settings

If a restore to factory settings doesn't work, it' pretty safe to say that it's a hardware problem.


Mar 16, 2011
I would say it's a bad LCD. I've been lucky that I have yet to get a bad one. I've replaced around 8 lcd's so far for customers.

iPhone 3g Will

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Apr 8, 2012
I have the same problem with my 3G iPhone; I just replaced the screen. It has inverted colors anytime that I am on the homescreen, startup screen, or any website with pictures. When I go into the settings menu the colors revert to regular ones...I have tried to gain the accessibility settings, but I have been unable to find anything that will enable them on the 3G. Is this a problem with my new screen or with the iPhone's processing chip?