Is it worth it to use the iCloud?


Jun 10, 2007
After trying it out today, I dunno if I'm going to keep using it. If I keep a copy of my address book / calendar on my mac, then everything shows up twice (on my mac / iCloud). If I select "delete mac", then I'm left with just the iCloud version. Which is fine I guess, but what if they accidentally deleted my backup? Then my entire address book would be gone! Also, its not syncing right. Right now the mac version of my address book has all the recent changes, but my iCloud address book has not synced any of the new changes. My address book of 604 contacts went from being highly organized to a big mess! If I do a smart group, it picks up entries twice.

As for the backups, it looks like its going to keep just one backup in the 5GB space. That's all we need, right? I've gotten a lot of incompletely backups on iCloud. I'm guessing that if I had to restore from that one backup that it would not work. In the past this has happened to me on mac, but it wasn't too big of a deal because I just selected an older backup. So, there's a chance the one iCloud backup will not work if we need to use it, which atm seems highly likely.


Apr 11, 2008
It wouldn't do you any harm to use the iCloud, it's free if you use less than 5Gb. It's extra reasurance that your data is backed up. What happened if something went wrong with your computer?