Is The Technology In Our Hand Pulling Us Away From The Real World/Reality?


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Jul 9, 2007
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Technology is always burdened with this negative perception. Before the Internet, a person was considered scholarly for reading the newspaper each morning and watching the tv news in the evening. Some "reAlly eccentric" people subscribed to magazines (gasp) that provided them with more direct and specific information related to their interests. Now people have turned to computers in place of newspapers, television and magazines. Instead of dedicating an hour to the evening news, we catch 20 second blurbs on Twitter, email and elsewhere. You might argue that we're more in tune with the real world, as we no longer have to drop out to tune in.
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Jul 11, 2007
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1). Are you addicted to mobile technology?
No. I love mobile technology. I would consider myself above average as far as how much I know, and how often I use it, BUT, an addition carries a negative connotation, and my use of technology has no negative impact on my life. Actually, its the opposite.

2). Do you find the iPhone or whatever mobile device you own constantly in your hand?
No. I use it all the time. But during work, or out with friends I seldom use it. Its use is for quick answers to questions, entertainment during boring times (long car rides etc.), and of course, phone calls.

3). Is your laptop or mobile device your best friend?

No. That would be pretty sad.

4). Do you find yourself half doing or not doing at all your daily requirements to allow time for use of your technology?

I have had the phone since its inception, this has happened about 4 or 5 times.

5).Are you constantly checking EIC (and or other forums), Twitter, FaceBook, The Stock Market, Email, Various IM services, The News, Sports, Weather and etc.?

Not constantly, maybe 1 or 2 times a day.

6). Do people close to you complain that you are "To Connected"?


7).Do you spend more time in the "Cyber World" than you do the "Real World"?


8). Do you fully understand the power of all the information you have in your hand?

Better than the average person. I just realize that there are many more important things to do/be done.

9). Does all the data and information you access daily change your mood be it in a good way or bad way?

Yes, if I find the answer to a question, find phillies tickets (call person and pay with paypal all on the way to the game), take an awesome picture, + 1000 other possibilities, its definitely gonna change my mood.

10). Do you ever feel you are "In To Deep"?
hah what? no.

11). Lastly, how does all the information, data and power in your hand control you or does it control you?

I control it. My iPhone has never sprouted arms and tried to scroll me. Its never spontaneously started shocking me and displayed a message that it wont stop until I use it. We are all in control of how much time we spend with technology, and like anything else are able to make conscious decisions which can play out positively or negatively for us.
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