Is Zaggfolio hosing me?


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Mar 15, 2012
I ordered an Ipad 3 last week. Also last week I noticed Zagg had put up a Zaggfolio on their website for the New Ipad. A note below it said shipping expected 3/26-3/29 or something like that. I assumed that meant they were waiting for the Ipad to release and be sure of fit before they started selling their new and slightly larger cases. Imagine my surprise when it arrived in the mail today, then imagine my surprise when I opened it and the box said, "for Ipad 2"!

I called Zagg immediately and they told me that it was because they didn't have any boxes that said New Ipad, but the case inside had definitely been designed for the New Ipad. Now I don't have an MBA, but wouldn't they get the boxes ready much sooner, then wait to find out what the dimensions are before selling the new cases? I could have bought an Ipad 2 Zaggfolio on Amazon for 20 dollars cheaper. If they are deceiving their customers into thinking that they are selling a product specifically designed for the new Ipad I think they deserve a backlash.


Feb 9, 2012
My guess is that we will have to wait until someone that owns the new iPad and the iPad 2's Zaggfolio can tell us if it fits. That would clear up any questions if it fits or not. My guess is that they made small tweaks to accommodate the new iPad.


Sep 10, 2007
That is fairly odd. I guess in some legal terms if the specs (in regards to zaggfolio's fit) are identical then in a round about way they could say it was made for the iPad3.

I'm none too happy with Zagg either. I ordered an iPad3 skin early March and received the email "expected delivery" March 14-16. So iPad day rolls around and I get another email saying "estimated delivery" March 22-28. Stuff like that makes me look to their competitors for businesss.