Issues Syncing Photos


Nov 13, 2007
Northern IL
Find the "Auto Play" tab and click it
Find the Pulldown menu that says "Music Files" and pull it down to "Photos"
In the Box below, select the action you wish to take
Click Apply/Ok

I have set my Autoplay to "do nothing" which doesn't interrupt me with popping up windows every time I dock my iPhone. I simply double click the Apple iPhone camera icon in My Computers and it launches an explorer window so that I can browse at my leisure.
Just a small note, in Windows XP Pro that tab was labeled "events". It took me a few minutes to realize I was "in" the right place. Great tip -- that window popping up everytime I put the iPhone in the cradle was annoying.

Another tip, if you want to preserve the order you took your pics, drag and drop them from the camera to the computer. If you use another program or wizard to download them they may not be labeled in order with the numbers the iPhone assigned when they were taken. Doing a drag and drop will default to copying the pics. I'd suggest you always copy first, then delete off the iPhone in a separate step -- I do that with any camera -- not uniquie to the iPhone.