iTunes - Manually manage music with iPhone no longer queues selections


Mar 29, 2009
Phoenix, AZ
I just discovered that when you have your iPhone set up to “Manually manage music and videos” it no longer queues your selections as you drag and drop music or playlists. What I mean is in previous iterations of iTunes, I could drag and drop as many playlists on the iPhone in the DEVICES window of iTunes and hundreds of songs would literally queue up showing you the number XX of XXXX in the top window of the program, of which the latter number increasingly got larger the more music you dropped on your iPhone. With this latest revision, iTunes, it no longer queues that music, instead it interrupts what was previously queued with a “Preparing to update” message, stops the previously queued music, and then starts with the newer music you dropped on your iPhone device.

Is this intentional? Is everyone else experiencing this rather odd revision of this program's functionality?


Jun 16, 2008
One Horse Town, New Jersey
I'm having a new problem with my iTunes playlists. These things are starting to disappear from iTunes and my iPhone!

I noticed this happened once two weeks ago. I had a playlist that I listen to everyday just up and disappear from my iTunes library but it was still on my iPhone. I didn't notice it was missing in time and I was at the end of syncing my phone. Man Oh Man! Now what? Well, magically the playlist appeared back on iTunes but there was a little twist. Now, instead of one playlist there were two with the same name. One had a number 1 next to it and the other was just the name, but there were two of them. This appeared on my phone as well. OMG! Two play lists. They were identical save for the name with the #1 after it. So, I figured I should delete the one with the #1 next to it and once I did that, they both got deleted! Holy Smokes! WTF?! I figured this would be a synch to fix. I went back through the files on the HD, as if I knew what I was doing, and I tried to take a library file out so it would regenerate with my entire library. Well while this worked in the past, it did not work now and I lost my entire iTunes library. Oh, not to worry, I thought, I can just go back through the files and put it as it was by digging the deleted file out of the trash bin, but when I tried that, it didn't work! WTF DID I DO!?! I was pissed and I called Apple, told them what I did. They went through a few steps with me but nothing worked to get my entire iTunes library back. The final thing to do, that Apple and I both knew would work, was to go to the Time Machine and just install an earlier backup. I did that and not only was my entire iTunes Library back, but the playlist was back in tact.
iDisaster Averted!

Now, this morning I noticed that the playlist in question from before and another one is missing off of my iPhone after syncing last night. I feel like after every sync now I have to check to make sure all my playlists are on my iPhone, and in order, and not duplicated. IDK WTF they did, but hopefully they get a fix for it soon.

The first debacle was my fault, but this mystery is not. Now I have resorted to just listening to my album instead of the playlist I made of the songs I love from this artist. Funny but the playlists are okay on my iPad, but that’s probably because I duplicated them directly on my iPad because they won’t sync from iTunes. It’s a pretty messed up system, Apple has got to fix it!