iTunes won't display movie library

Chuck Miller

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Sep 25, 2012
I have an iPhone 4s, iPad (1st generation), Apple tv, and iTunes 10. I have an external drive with movies which I have loaded into the movies window in iTunes. The movies load fine, but they don't show up in iTunes anywhere I've looked. I have duplicates that I need to get rid of and some renaming I want to do. I can't find them. The only thing in my Movies window in iTunes is a movie I recently bought on iTunes (only one of two, however), and some old videos. How can I get a list of movies. My Apple tv sees the movies and can play them. Any suggestions?


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Nov 26, 2012
Here are some ideas. May not be relevant, but here goes. My son sends me a USB with avi movies.
Apple must have MP4 format.

I drag the movies from USB to Mac desktop. Using Aimersoft I convert them to MP4. It takes forever.

I drag the MP4s into the movie folder of the finder. For safe keeping. Then delete the AVIs from the desktop .

Then drag the preferred movies from the movie folder onto the movie option in the iTunes side bar.

I am sure there is something simpler.


Jun 8, 2008
Cape Cod
Check the extension of your movies. If it's not .m4v then iTunes will have trouble recognizing it. Rather than re-convert the movies try just renaming the .mp4 extension to .m4v. You may or may not have to add it to your iTunes again.