Jailbroken in Afghanistan now doesn't work

Stephen Morgan

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Sep 2, 2011
Indianapolis, Indiana
I've recently returned from afghanistan where back in may my phone had never been jailbroken prior to me returning to theater. I updated to the lastest software at that point in time. Once I had arrived back in afghanistan my local cell phone meet a disaterous end when it stopped working (it was a cheapo so i bashed it with a hammer) I was told that the locals at the haji mart on base could rig my phone to work with the local sim cards and networks (because 3.99 a min just wasn't an option) So I had this done I'll be honest I'm completely ignorant about the jailbreaking thing I do know that it was cydia as the icon was on the phone I have no idea what version it was didn't look just used my phone as usual. So here is the problem upon getting back to the states at the end of august. I plugged my phone into the computer and says theres an update so I clicked update now the phone is stuck in recovery mode. Now I've spent the last 2 weeks trying to fix it with several programs and diff methods with no luck. Such programs are redsnow/Irec/Ireb/snowbreeze/tinyumbrella with several diff restore files. I'm completely out of my element here and would appreciate any help.


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Dec 12, 2008
It sounds like your 3GS was unlocked with ultrasn0w after installing the iPad baseband. For future reference, you'll want to ignore those firmware updates in iTunes until you have thoroughly researched the available jailbreaks for that firmware. iTunes does not force you to update. Just click no when it asks if you want to update. The latest firmware only has a tethered jailbreak and is not worth updating to.

If you saved any of your SHSHs, you can shift+restore to that firmware version after editing your hosts file to redirect to Saurik's server. Be sure to shift+restore two times in a row. Then kick it out of recovery mode with RecBoot or Fix Recovery. Then you can jailbreak, hactivate, and unlock with ultrasn0w if you require an unlock. If you don't require an unlock anymore, you can skip the hacktivating and unlocking portion of the directions.

If you don't have any SHSHs, you'll need to make a custom 4.3.5 with Pwnage Tool (this is tethered jailbreak) on a Mac.
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