JB iPhone Slower than ______ (<- Insert SIMile there)


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Oct 14, 2011
I own a 3G, 16gb Jailbroken iPhone. Firmwire: 4.2.1
The main reason for the JBin was the ability to have the multitasking on a 3G, aswell as the homegrown apps/themes.

So basically, a while back the phone started becoming slow.

1- Whilst loading apps, most start to load, then suddenly goes back to homescreen. When the app eventually loads, they take a good while to start.

2- When i try to send a text/email or use the keyboard, it also takes a while to pop up & then whilst im typing, it doesn't respond (freezes up) with my typing. Sometimes i can finish a whole sentence whilst its still frozen, before it catches up.

3- The major one & the most annoying is when i try to change apps.

E.g: When im in an app & bring up the multitask to change, when i click a different app, it freezes & summerboard crashes.
If i want to send a text, i have to go through the messaging. If i go through contacts & click "send message", summerboard crashes.
If i click a youtube link on safari, summerboard freezes,

Also, just general scrolling, Its just slow.

Ive tried deleting all cydia apps, one by one to find the cause, but it didn't make a change.
Ive tried putting off/on the phone every now & then, which helps the slowness, but not the summerboard crashing.

Should i just reset the phone to its non JB state or sell it off.
Isit because its an old version?
Can it be fixed?
Help please.


Oct 31, 2007
Jailbreaking inherently slows down a phone to some degree. The first iPhone that, in my opinion, was fast enough to make the lag unnoticeable to the point of useability was the 3GS. The 3G is simply getting too long in the tooth at this point to be a speedy performer, especially when jailbroken. There's only 128MB of ram in that thing, and iOS 4.x takes about that much just to boot.


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Oct 14, 2011
Thanks for the reply.
Ive sold on the 3G.
Now that the 4S is out, im guessing the price of a 4 will go down, probably invest in that.
Thanks once more.