Just found out-Data Plan-$39.99!


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Jun 20, 2007
If you have heard anything from an AT&T rep, it is just them "taking a guess." Apple and AT&T have said NOTHING about data plans so far in iPhone training. There is going to be a store meeting on the 28th. They will tell us then. We are not even officially supposed to know how much they cost! Nothing has been said about a mandatory data plan.
One word of advice though, if you even think you can get away without unlimited data, think again. Cingular's video service gobbles up 1mb of data per minute. At 1c per kb, thats $10 per minute! Each video clip is 2-4 minutes long, so if you log in and watch 1 clip, you're looking at $20-40.
I have heard (and again everything is just rumors at this point) that iPhone will use data all the time (no asking before it logs in) so I can see why they would make it mandatory.