Keyboard Spazzing Out


Apr 26, 2008
Hey guys,

So i'm pretty confused...I recently traded in my iPhone 3GS for an iPhone 4s. One of the big reasons i traded it in, aside from the pixels on the screen dying was the keyboard on the 3GS. If I pressed one key in a text message response, the phone would register something completely off the wall on the other side of the screen and sometimes register a full sequence of gibberish. So i decided to get a new phone, the 4s.

So i restored all my data from the 3gs to the 4s, and got all my contacts, texts, photos, and settings transferred. Everything seemed fine, but then a week after having the 4s, the keyboard on this phone began spazzing out the same way....



Jun 16, 2008
One Horse Town, New Jersey
Unfortuntely it sounds like you carried over the problem (bug) that was on the iPhone 3GS to the new iPhone 4S you purchased.

I had a similar carry over problem. My time was always 2 to three minutes behind and no matter what I did, my iPhone would never show the right time. This is an issue for someone who doesn't wear a watch and relies on the iPhone for the time. Good thing there are clocks at most train stations. Since I had this issue, I would add two to three minutes to the time my iPhone said and I was good. This happened with my iPhone 3G to the 3GS to the 4 where it finally worked itself out and I no longer have that problem in my iPhone 4S.

When I first had this problem I was told to reset the clock and I did, but it went back to the three minutes slow. Then I got my 3G swapped out and it still happened because I put my last back up on the phone. So I lived with it because I wasn't loosing all my text messages and game settings.

Then with the 3GS it kept happening until I had some updates and it straightened out and then went back again. So I just lived with it. Then by the time I got the 4 it straightened itself out completely.

Bottom line is, as long as you use a previous backup the problem(bug) will be carried over unless a Genius can take the time to find out what the problem is and how to fix it. A keyoard issue is more serious than a clock issue and they should find a way to fix it. Unfortunately it sounds like you're carrying the problem (bug) over and until you restore the phone as a new phone and then slowly put your stuff back on you will always have the problem. This is just my experience. Hope this clarifies things for you.

Have you called Apple for help?


May 1, 2008
Mine does that from time to 3 times since I got the phone in October. It is weird and a pain in the butt. But, once I hit the home screen and lock the phone, go back in to messages, it seems to fix it


Oct 23, 2007
Louisville, KY
Try resetting your keyboard dictionary if you haven't already. (settings -> general -> reset -> keyboard dictionary) If it's a software carryover from the 3GS, then that could be where it's coming from. Maybe the dictionary where it saves your autocorrect & "learned" words got corrupted, and that's what's causing the wonkiness.

Also, does the problem seem to go away if you turn the screen off and on? As chazm noted, it recalibrates the touchscreen every time it turns on, so it's one thing to check. I've noticed many times where I had been tapping the same area of the screen repeatedly and it stopped responding in that spot. Or, the calibration will go wonky if I take it in the shower and try to change songs while it's wet. (don't worry, it's in a LifeProof case