Mac mini Late 2012 Mac Mini liquid intrusion


Dec 10, 2009
Clarksburg, WV
11 year old son James was at desktop using Mac Mini.
Our toddler Kirk walked over with cup of apple juice and spilled it on desktop.
Since the Mini was on, the internal cooling fan actually sucked in liquid.
By the time I responded to calamity, I could hear the fan and liquid sloshing inside.
Immediate power down and unplugging.
Careful to keep the Mini level (so as not to have any liquid go deeper intrmeranlly) I took the bottom cover off, to my horror, it was completely overflowing.
Holding it above my head to look up underneath, clearly liquid hade made it up and into the cooling fan and some dust was wet on the grill the holds the WiFi antenna.
1st thought was to remove tha fan to dry/clean it and give entire unit the rice treatment, but further reflection had me wondering if I wanted to let apple juice dry on anything in there, and rice dust probably not too good with mini internals....
Again, keeping it level, uninstalledn the fan, grill, and subsequently discovering dampness on the hardrive, removed that as well.
Pix included show motherboard directly under cooling fan where it appears liquid was flung across some of the components.
Also anothe detail spot that looks leakproof and sticky.
Took apart the SATA connector on the HD, some of the prongs were damp.
Doused the fan and SATA connector with isopropyl and dried with light blasts of air.
No liquid seems to have gone inside HD.
My biggest concern is trying to clean (or even if I should) the 2 areas of the MB.
Was thinking of a new tooth or other small detail brush, and isopropyl, but not sure that would sufficiently clean dried sugary apple juice residue.
Any insight is greatly appreciated.


New Member
Jan 26, 2017
So I take it you haven't tried to switch it back on yet? It's probably worth trying because it might not even work.

If it were me I'd use a damp cloth before trying the rubbing alcohol or the toothbrush but the alcohol should do the trick. Good luck.