LG HBS-700 Stereo Headset

Over the years I've had a number of Bluetooth in-ear headsets, including one that included an option to attach a second earbud for stereo listening. The problem I've always had was that I dislike actually having something hanging from my ear!

A few months ago I purchased the LG HBS-700 Stereo Headset and I couldn't be happier with my choice. If you aren't familiar with this model, it is a 'wearable' headset that hangs around your neck with two lightweight earbuds.


The left side (right in photo) contains the phone and volume controls and on-off switch. The right has music controls. The earbuds can be stored on the tips and stay put with small magnets that work very well. I often wear it with just the left earbud in my ear unless I'm listening to music, and when I'm finished using it I store both earbuds and turn it off, bu leave it around my neck. It's light enough that I hardly realize its there.

Sound quality is good even for music and reception has never been a problem whether my iPhone is in a pants pocket or nearby table.

If you're looking for a wireless stereo headset and give the LG HBS-700 a try!
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