LittleBrother - Scaled Zoom levels and Orientation Options


Apr 11, 2008
LittleBrother has recently appeared in Cydia, creator Ryan Petrich has an abundance of his own creations already on the Cydia store. LittleBrother allows the user to apply different zoom levels i.e Large, Medium and Small (similar to how the iPhone 6 Plus looks like compared to the iPhone 6). Alongside the zoom levels you're also given the option to allow the Homescreen/Lockscreen to be viewed in Landscape. This feature already works on the 6 Plus and iPads etc, but it works flawlessly on the iPhone 6 *.

Settings menu -

* If you remove the dock background and install the LittleBrother and allow Homescreen orientation then you'll get leakage from the second Homescreen page, you'll see the edge of the apps. It's a bit annoying, but hopefully Ryan will sort this in future updates.

These images have been taken from an iPhone 6.
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