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Jul 1, 2007
After reading several posts here about different screen protectors, I ordered one from BoxWave. I ordered the ClearTouch Crystal version for $12.95 plus shipping on their Web site. They shipped it to me very quicky and it was just as described on the site.

Today, I received an email from their customer service to tell me that they were releasing a new version of the protector that covers the entire face of the iPhone, with the earpiece and home button cutout. At first I was bummed, thinking 'that's just my luck ... I buy something and it gets updated the next week.' As I read on, however, I was delighted.

Here's the kicker ... they are sending it out to me free of charge because I just bought the older version. And they told me to keep the older one. I'm very happy with the one I got (it also came with another cleaning cloth, which comes in very handy). It didn't cover the whole iPhone face, but it covered the screen very well. It was easy to apply and looks fantastic.

That they would send me out the newer version without charge is awesome. I don't know how many of you have screen protectors or may be thinking of buying them, but I would strongly suggest taking a look at BoxWave. Their product was great and their customer service was even better. And, who knows? If you buy the version they are selling on their Web site now, you may get the updated one free as well!


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Jul 7, 2007
I got an Invisible Shield from shieldzone.com for my iPhone. They are amazing...I have one on my old ipod so I already knew it would kick ass. You can't scratch your device with one of these things on. If you've never heard of the invisible shield, you should really watch shieldzone's videos showing how tough they are. They're also paper thin, and they cover the entire body of the iPhone. I hate bulky carrying cases, so there's no better option as far as I'm concerned.

Oh and p.s. - they give free replacements of their product for life, so if the shield itself gets scuffed or you have to remove it for any reason, send it back to them and they hook you up with a new one.


Jun 28, 2007
I also had ordered the Boxwave Crystal Clear and was very impressed with it. It's extremely easy to put on, and looks awesome on the iPhone. I wasn't impressed by the invisibleshield and find it's a pita too put on, the Boxwave is the complete opposite.

I also got the Boxwave e-mail and think they're a great company to send me a free full cover protector too, great customer service!