Luca Releases ARM64 iBoot Dumper

Napoleon PhoneApart

Jun 19, 2007
Upper Marlboro, MD
Luca Todesco has released his ARM64 iBoot Dumper, which could eventually lead to the ability to downgrade 64-bit iDevices. And no, the iBoot dumper does not belong in my toilet thread.

Reddit user RowRocka puts it best:

It dumps the iBoot, which resides in the memory of your 64-bit iDevice. The iBoot code is code that's called right after the LLB gets loaded off the bootrom. Dumping the code can allow security researchers to peek inside the iOS 8.x iBoot code to search for vulns that can be exploited.

These exploits can turn, in addition to the current 32bit exploit, also the 64-bit devices into key oracles (for the newer firmwares). This is important because the current keys come from iH8Sn0w's ARMv7 32-bit iBoot expoit. And considering that Apple will drop 32-bit device support this year, jailbreak dev's would have no way to decrypt the iOS firmwares, and look at the root filesystem (allthough that last one can be done by un-xz-ing the OTA bundles with Johnatan Levin's scripts)