MacBook Pro or new IMac


New Member
Jul 20, 2007
I am buying a new computer when leopard releases. I have a Ibook G4 right now that i use all the time, and bring everywhere with me.I go to the nj shore every weekend in the summer since my aunt has a house there. If I get the Imac, I can just delete all my programs and songs off of my ibook and put them on the imac and just use the ibook to bring with me to upload pics to it when i go shoot somewhere, then i would have to transfer them when i get home. But the problem is that i like to have my music and stuff with me all the time. So that means go for the macbook pro right? IDK what to do. The new Imac is awesome. and i would love the 24" screen.But if I got the macbook pro, i would be able to connect it to my Samsung 23". Let me know what you think. Mabe I could just reformat my ibook, and put photoshop onto it but no music and i would have to wait until i got home to update my shuffle or iPhone.
Plus i would have a huge 320gb HD with the Imac.